Our ERP provides a complete solution to manage an educational institute with web and mobile application.

Enquiry Management & Reporting Analysis

  • Enquiry Management for the student enquiries
  • Lead Management – manage your lead
  • Report generation
  • Sending Promotional SMS
  • Generation of SMS Reports

Student Admission

  • It helps you to keep track of all students’ records
  • You can add student’s data without limit.
  • We can convert enquiry directly into direct admission.
  • You can add fees details for particular students.

Report Card

  • Total Inquiry Center,Month,Session and date Wise
  • Total Registration Center,Month,Session and date Wise
  • Total Admission Center,Month,Session and date Wise

Fee Management

  • Manage students fees via Online fees and Offline fees collection
  • Update payment collection fees of students
  • Manage PDC cheque
  • Update fees installment received
  • View all payment history
  • Generate up-to-date reports on fee dues

Product Requisition

  • Chose The Item Whatever You Want To Order For. Rates Of The Item Will Be Shown In Tab.
  • Send Your Order

Inventory Management

  • Manage Inventory Online
  • Store Stock Unit Details
  • Transfer Inventory from one branch to another branch
  • Store the Inventory category wise

Multi Branch Handling

  • Manage all your branches in ERP software
  • Create daily report from all the branches
  • Check updates and queries from your leads
  • Add/Manage students data according to branch
  • Particular branch can be managed individually
  • Daily summary report of all branches is sent to Head Branch automatically
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